Our Camps

Juventus Soccer
Camp 2016

Santos Pro
Camp 2017


Amazing Training

Specialized training given by experienced trainers that use the same techniques Brazilian coaches use to train their amazing players.

Know New Cultures

Brazilians, latins, americans, nigerians, europeans, indians, asians, etc.

Specialized Training

Specialized goalkeeper training, defense, midfielders and strikers training.

The Soccer Coaching Program

Professional and experienced coaches that give personalized training, in which promotes a sense of accomplishment, creating great passion and love for the sport that is so prominent to Brazilian players.

The players will be training at the best soccer facilities in the city of Santos, where they will learn from coaches such as like Manuel Maria (former Brazilian National Team, former Santos FC, former Cosmos)

Our Transformation

Brazilian Soccer Journey opens your child’s mind to other cultures and prepares them to the world of globalization.

Enhance Skills

Specialized goalkeeper training, defense, midfielders and strikers training.


Motivational professionals specialized in soccer.

Improve Self Confidence

Our training are focused on the skills and physical need for the soccer player, out training are directed to the game of soccer; so the results are fast and the improvement easily noticeable!

Focused Training

Training focused on the cognitive and Self motivational and functional skills that will give the player a step ahead over the repetitive drills not direct to the situational condition of the game.

Kids Trained

Goals Scored

Miles Traveled

Our Team

Passionate and driven, yet humble and fun. Our goal is to build something special and search for team members who are up to the challenge and aware of the once in a lifetime opportunity we have in front of us.


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