Frequently Asked Questions

BSJ Questions

  • What about the Brazilian Cultural Program?
    Soccer is not the only part of this program. It includes sightseeing trips, cultural exchanges,
    Brazilian gastronomy as eating at the famous “Churrascarias*”, boat trip, watch professional
    soccer matches, where the players up to 12 years old will have the opportunity to escort the
    professional players at the starting of the game.

    Opportunity to go to  the “state of the art” training facilities at Santos FC, where the boys and
    girls will get the feeling of how the pro soccer player lives, train and receive medical and
    physical treatment.

    Brazilian Soccer Journey has its base program of training at the City of Santos, on the State of
    Sao Paulo in Brazil.

    Santos is a city of friendly people that welcomes everyone who loves soccer and sports
    activities and has the largest beach front garden in the world, 5.5 Km of garden faces the most
    beautiful beaches in the Southeast coast of Brazil.
    The port of Santos is the biggest port in South America and it receives people from all parts of
    the World, so the City developed its Special own way of treating everybody, with an open arms
    to receive, and share all the numerous places of interest and its famous beaches.
    Family members are welcome to join the trip of great soccer and fun!

  • What is the Schedule?
    Brazilian Soccer Journey is a two weeks soccer and futsal training program offered to
    players, coaches, parents and anybody who loves soccer and would like to get into a Journey
    to the soccer culture of the country that invented the “beautiful game” and gives to the World
    great players every day.

    Our program is not only made of soccer training, but a cultural exchange that your sons and
    daughters will remember forever.

  • What About the Soccer Coaching Program?
    Professional and experienced soccer coaches give the players one of kind training on a hand on basis. Personalized training and special care that gives every player a sense of accomplishment and creates a love and passion for the game that is so familiar to the Brazilians.
    The players will be training at the best soccer facilities in the city of  Santos, where they will learn from coaches like Manuel Maria (Ex-Brazilian National Team, Ex-Santos FC, Ex Cosmos)
    Specialized training with experienced trainers that use all the ingenuous tools that well knows in the world for giving the Brazilian players the great achievements they are showing all over the world.
  • What about Brazilian Soccer Journey?
    The Brazilian Soccer Journey is a wonderful and unforgettable experience for kids, coaches
    and parents.
    Brazilian Soccer Journey explores the wonders of soccer at the country that is named “Pais
    do Jogo Bonito” (Country of the Beautiful Game), where soccer is part of life; soccer is played
    on the way of our roots in music (samba) and in the way of our dancing martial arts
    Brazil is the only country that mixes music, soccer, art and the beautiful landscape with our
    very special “GINGA”.
    “Ginga” is the way of playing that can only be experimented and related when you learn it;
    you get to know the culture behind it.
    Here we will answer some of your most common questions that you may have about our
    second to none Brazilian Soccer Journey.